Wednesday January 17 , 2018
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Safety Camera Detector

Ever seen one of these and thought....!!!



The highly liveried speed detection vans now have the capability of 360 surveillance.They have one forward facing camera mounted on the front windscreen, 2 side cameras magnetically mounted and the enforcement camera which operates from the rear of the vehicle. There are two systems of capture employed with this technology, the concept and the commander; the latter being able to combine the images from all four cameras on one screen. This provides a means of additional identification of offending motorcycles, vehicles and occupants.

Parking sensor or laser diffuser? you decide.

The Laserstar is not packaged as a "laser jammer". The handbook clearly shows it as an operational device that is used for parking and which operates on the same, licence free wavelength of 904nm, as do many other devices. Obviously some naughty people use it as a way of defeating laser guns. Laser guns transmit about 100 pulses of infrared light in one-third of a second at a reflective area of a car, usually the front number plate. These pulses reflect to the gun, when then calculates how much the distance is changing over time and therefore the vehicle's speed. The Laserstar detects these pulses and returns its own laser beam at the same wavelength. In order to prevent interference with other laser based systems the Laserstar has been designed to alert the driver of possible interference & if necessary switch the system down.










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